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Pest Control, Clermont, FL

Pest Control

It starts off as an ant here, or maybe a roach there. Then, before you know it, it seems like they are everywhere. At Pest Detector Inc., we are here for you when you have a pest infestation. No matter what type of insect or rodent you are dealing with, our team is able to determine the cause of the problem and implement a personalized solution that will give you peace of mind. Located in Clermont, FL, we work with property owners throughout the surrounding areas, protecting families from all sorts of pests!

Pest Prevention

If you have an infestation, our team will inspect your property to determine the source of the problem and areas where pests can enter your home. We will create a pest-control program that is designed to meet your unique needs and offer lasting results. Whether you have cockroaches, ants, fleas and ticks, or termites, our team understands the natures and tendencies of these pests and is able to provide effective solutions.

Ant Control

The most common ants in central Florida are:

  • The Florida Carpenter Ant: a large ant, red and black in color, usually found outside.
  • The Fire Ant: bright red in color, can bite and leave bumps on the skin. These stings can be serious if a person is allergic to them
  • The Crazy Ant: capable of creating large nests, utilize rapid, unpredictable movements.
  • However, many other ant infestations can happen in Florida.

Ants are able to to create trails from outside into your home and often create nests in cracks, under floorboards, and behind walls. If you are finding ants in your home, we can help! It’s best to treat an ant problem sooner rather than later to prevent massive infestations.

Cockroach Control

In Central Florida, the most prevalent cockroaches are the Asian cockroach and the Oriental cockroach (water bug). However, the American cockroach, German cockroach and brownbanded cockroach are also common. All cockroaches are attracted to food, so they are most common in kitchens. Besides the brownbanded cockroach, all cockroaches like moist spaces, so you may find them in your refrigerator, or in cracks or behind your walls. You may find their feces throughout your home. You might also discover their oval-shaped egg cases.

Cockroaches are able to carry diseases and bacteria into your home and can make conditions such as asthma worsen. To prevent cockroaches, you should keep your kitchen as clean as possible and clear any crumbs or food from other rooms. If you have a significant cockroach problem that is too large for bug spray or traps, we can provide a personalized solution for both the inside and the outside of your home!

How You Can Control Ants & Roaches

Inside your home, make sure you are cleaning up any spills and crumbs, consistently taking out the garbage, rinsing out containers before putting them in the trash and recycling bin, and sealing and storing away your pet’s food at night.

Outside your home, make sure your doors and windows are sealed, your rain gutters are cleared out, tree branches and shrubs are regularly trimmed to keep them away from your house, and firewood is kept off the ground and at a distance from your home.

For a few days after we treat your property, you may still find a few ants and roaches hanging around. If you do, don’t try to spray them with insecticide. The products we use will need a few days to be fully effective. At that point, you will no longer see the pests. If the pests come back, so do we.

Occasional Pests

Occasional pests include silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, ants, spiders, and palmetto bugs. You can tell if you have an infestation if you are seeing droppings inside or outside of your home, spiderwebs, holes in the walls, dried blood, bug wings, and of course if you actually see the pests. If you see any of these signs and other solutions you have tried just aren’t working, give us a call. In the worst cases, pests can bite and spread illness or infection, and can even destroy your home or property when left untreated! We will inspect your property and will provide an effective, customized solution to solve the problem and leave your home pest-free.

Pantry Pests

Nothing quite takes away your appetite than taking food out of your pantry and discovering it is infested with insects. Pantry pests include moths, beetles, and weevils. They usually enter the home through packaged food as eggs or larvae, eventually growing and reproducing. Weevils tend to be found in rice and grains. Meal moths can get into cereal, flour, rice, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts, candy, and more. Beetles will often be found in sweets, potato chips, cereal, flour, grains, spices and herbs, nuts and seeds, pet foods, drugs, and more.

By regularly cleaning your pantry and making sure your food containers are tightly sealed, you can prevent an infestation. Once you have an infestation, give us a call so we can provide the solution you need for a pest-free pantry.

Spider Control

Although many people are afraid of spiders, most are harmless (the dangerous and potentially fatal spiders are rare). However, they are not easily eliminated by pesticides, so it takes trained pest-control experts to understand how to get rid of them. Common spider species in Central Florida include:

  • The Florida garden spider: harmless, common in yards, black and yellow in color
  • The huntsman spider: a very big spider that is often found within homes. Usually harmless, despite their large size. May bite in defense.

Our team is able to determine the species of spider in your home and provide a personalized solution based on our findings. Enjoy a home that is free from webs and spiders!

Stinging Pests

Stinging pests such as wasps and bees aren’t just a nuisance, but they can be potentially dangerous, especially if they sting the younger or older members of your family or someone who is allergic. Plus, there has been a spread of African Killer Bees in Orlando and the surrounding areas. It is extremely important that if you think you have a stinging-pest infestation, you give us a call immediately, because they may have formed a nest inside of your home. Homemade solutions or over-the-counter insecticides are usually not effective for dealing with stinging pests. Our team is able to quickly, safely, and effectively eliminate the problem so you no longer have to worry about having wasps and bees in your home.

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