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You Will Never See Another Termite, Ant, Roach or Bug in Your Home Again...Guaranteed

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"We have used Pest Detector for several years & we find them very reliable - very professional & very pleasant to work with - Thank you."

- Judy Olson

"I have been happy with your service to date. I don't know, and hope I never have to find out, just how good you are at repairs and/or replacement of areas of the house damaged by termites. That is something I cannot grade you on since I have never had that experience."

- Bill Becker

"Pest Detector is the best! I have not seen a bug in my home for over two years since they have been taking care of my property. Wonderful service for a reasonable price, you don’t find that very often these days. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Karen Atkinson

"Pest Detector has been awesome for the last 10 years with keeping my house bug free! Their customer service is the best! I never have an issue with them coming to check something out or to get rid of spiders (ugh) or other critters. I totally recommend then to all my friends."

- Joan Kaplan

"Pest Detector was recommended to me by my Realtor, for a property I am purchasing. They were professional, courteous and helpful. The inspection was done when promised, which was next day. Dale is great and so is his wife! I'd recommend them to anyone and will use their services at my new home."

- Bunky Edwards

"5 Stars all the way! The point of a pest control company is to control pests, and no one does it any better than Pest Detector!"

- Scott Stein

"Lauren has been doing an amazing job. She is professional, follows up when she says she will and gets the job done right. I had previously used Massey service and was unhappy with the service and got no results. I highly recommend this company. !!!"

- Eileen O

"I called for an invasion of Carpenter Ants! During Lauren's diligent inspection, not only did she find where the ants were hiding and making entry into my home, she discovered other nuisance insects that could have been a future problem. Lauren took her time to ensure an upmost quality and professional service, thank you so much Pest Detector."

- James Rooney

"Great service. Dennis is the Best. Asks questions and actually listens to the answers. Lets me know if there is anything he sees that I should keep an eye on. Love that I can rely on Pest Detector."

- Nancy Makosewski

"Lauren does an excellent job we haven’t had any issues since she has been treating the house. We would highly recommend this company."

- Mike Marinello

"They were great. The he best part is they call you to check to see if they have taken care of your bug problem."

- Sandy Nickelson

Pest Detector Inc. – Eliminating Your Termite, Ant, Roach, Spider or Rodent, Guaranteed!

Whether you have ants in your pantry, mice in your basement, or termites in the walls, there’s nothing worse than tiny, unwelcome intruders. Don’t continue to live in fear of finding a bug or rodent everywhere you turn. At Pest Detector Inc., we will get rid of those pests, guaranteed. Never find another insect, spider, mouse or rodent again! We offer professional, expert, personalized services. As a family-owned and -operated business, we understand how stressful an infestation can be. That’s why when you need us, we will be there to take care of the problem.

OUR GUARANTEE: We will treat you and your home individually. Should a bug show it’s face we will retreat for free, and if we can’t please you, we will refund your payment within the first 30 days.

Pest-Free Home, Clermont, FL

Enjoy the Peace of Mind of a Pest-Free Home

Why choose Pest Detector, Inc.? Our services go above and beyond the rest.

• Peace of mind and freedom from pests…guaranteed!
• Technicians who are highly trained and use the best products available
• A seven-step process in which we install layers of protection, beginning with harborage areas, cabinets, garage and the exterior of your home
• Eave cleaning, eliminating dead wasps, spiders and webs
• Nothing hidden, no phony service or false claims
• No pungent smells
• We use some of the safest products on the market
• Flexible appointment times


Whether it be cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, or termites, our team can eliminate the problem by addressing where the pests are coming from and how they are entering your home.


Termites are a common pest in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you need to put up with them! They can cause damage to homes and wooden structures. We are here to help.


Rats and mice can cause huge problems in your home, chewing through walls and leaving feces behind. Have a rodent problem? Pest Detector Inc. is here to give you peace of mind.

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At the first sign of a pest problem, give Pest Detector Inc. a call! For more information, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today at 407-657-1210. We look forward helping you have a pest-free home!

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